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Born in Argentina (1978). Rodriguez arrived to Spain (the island of
Majorca) in 1988, where he spent most of his childhood. At an early
age, he began to study modern and classical music.

Rodrigo's professional music career began in Spain. It was there
that he discovered his first Asian instrument the Shakuhachi flute, a
Japanese bamboo flute used by Buddhist monks in meditation practices. Fascinated by Japanese music, he travelled to Japan
several times to enhance his knowledge.

He studied with the Grand Master, Kaoru Kakizakai in the International Shakuhachi Kenshu-kan School and travelled around
the world learning about traditional instruments from Japan, China,
India, Iran and Thailand. His interest in traditional and ethnic
musical instruments began before he reached his teenage years.

As a young child, Rodrigo had a vision for imitating the music and
sounds he heard in his mind. His many and diverse travels enabled
him to acquire a rare collection of experiences from which to create
his unique compositional language.

Since 2004, Rodrigo has been the first musician in Japan to
introduce innovative and developed instruments from European countries. For example, the Hang Drum, which significantly influenced his music and its composition, altering Japanese audiences perception of 21st century sounds and their textures.

His concept is not to use these instruments in a native way, but to continue respecting each instrument's individual spirit. Rodrigo's roots as a Spanish musician have not been forgotten.

In 2006 several compositions from his album "Inner Thoughts" were licensed, arousing the interest of a well known record label, Gemini Sun Record based in Los Angeles, CA.

Rodrigo's compositions can be divided into three basic categories:
New Age, World Music and Contemporary Music.

In recent years he has performed numerous concerts in both the
West and the East, at legendary stages like Imperial Hotel Tokyo
and NHK Culture Center of Japan.


One album from Rodrigo reviewed at Morpheus is Inner Thoughts - released: April 24, 2006
This album consists of a mix of the East and the West in one music using traditional Asian and Western instruments.
Healing melodies of Spanish singer, Cristina Brunet, shakuhachi flute, acoustic guitar...result in an album which makes your atmosphere relaxing and comfortable.

Rodrigo's personal views on Inner Thoughts

During about a year of composition, we were inspired with the idea of mixed spiritual instruments originally from Japan. (Shakuhachi, zen flute used in the Edo Era- 500 years ago.)

Also, I do not forget my origin and roots in the West - using modern and classical acoustic instruments.

I am honored to be involved in this project with a Spanish singer, Cristina Brunet - bringing healing melodies and voice, new age harmonies mixing West and East in one beautiful music.

All inspiration was born in the deepest feelings of and the desire to express parts and experience of my life, visiting several countries especially Japan and thousands of Buddhist monasteries.....

The album Across The East is reviewed at Morpheus HERE

Visit the Rodrigo Rodriguez website.


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