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microphonics update May 2009

1. microphonics - concert
2. microphonics releases
3. microphonics 2010 tour

1. microphonics - concert

dirk serries' microphonics (VII) will participate to the first European Live Looping Festival in Belgium, organised by Sjaak Overgauw. This festival will showcase a diversity in looping styles and artists worldwide.

May 30th 2009 - European Live Looping Festival, Arenbergschouwburg (small venue), Antwerpen (Belgium) w/Sjaak Overgauw, Kevin Spears, Luis Angelo, Fabio Anile, Darkroom, Craig Green, Akim Triebsch, Michael Peters and Rick Walker.

European Live Looping Festival

It's fantastic and very idealistic Sjaak Overgauw is organising and promoting this unique mixture of looping artirts in the format of the first Belgian Live Looping festival so be there to support his bravery and efforts. Don't claim nothing is happening...

2. microphonics releases

microphonics VI (180grm coloured vinyl, tonefloat 2009)

A last minute invitation to perform at the whatbar #4 blog event in the hague resulted in an impromptu drone piece extending dirk serries' microphonics concept into more epic and harmonic territory. Significantly less straightforward than the music on his debut album, the twenty-two minutes of microphonics vi are built upon subtle shifts and intricate thematic ideas. Listening back to the recording, captured straight to tape by olivier nijs during the event, tonefloat and dirk serries decided to release the performance in its pure state and as a snapshot of this singular moment in time ­offering a promising glimpse of future volumes in this ongoing series of guitar resonances.
microphonics VI is now available, as a one-sided album. pressed in a limited edition of one hundred copies each on gold, silver and white vinyl.

microphonics I-V(180grm clear and black vinyl, tonefloat 2008)

"while fear falls burning, with its direct and physical approach to performing and composing, already represented a seminally important step in breaking down unnecessary borders between the listener and the artist, microphonics has finally arrived at a state where there is no emotional shield or mask between the artist and his music anymore. with its clear and volatile sound, the album constitutes the acoustic equivalent of open heart surgery. there are no concepts, scenes, layers of distortion or irony to hide behind here, everything is meant just the way it is said. it's not so much that serries has operated so very differently in the past. but the fact that he is openly admitting that this dark, yet tender side of his character is very much who he really is, turns this album into a musical message and, indeed, into his most personal work to date."
microphonics I-V is available in 180grm clear and black vinyl.

Go here to order these microphonics releases :

3. microphonics 2010 tour

dirk serries' microphonics and tonefloat will embark on a 2010 European tour in April and May 2010. We're currently negotiating several dates but don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to set up a microphonics concert in your neighboorhood. We're looking forward for small jazz clubs, performance and art centers, living room concerts, chapels and so on. We'll announce the first leg of our tour as soon as possible.


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