Monday, 13 July 2009

Open Canvas - Travel By Sound

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A pan eastern musical journey influenced by the rhythms and instrumentation of the Asian subcontinent, Middle East and Jamaican dub. Electronic music that moves both mind and body within a cinema of sound.

Travel by Sound is an electronic excursion into the the melodies and rhythms of far eastern lands. Where the intertwining electronic pulses of synthesizers and melodic wind blown and hand plucked instruments of India and the middle east meet in a peaceful dance. A sonic tapestry where the percolating rhythm's of the tabla and dumbek meet dub infected basslines and the distant chants of the muezzin. Sit back close your eyes, open your mind and ears its time to travel east. Travel by Sound is the continuing musical saga/exploration that began with the debut release Nomadic Impressions and followed by Indumani.


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