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Melodic instrumental synth music with occasional vocal sections. Train in a Rainbow is a collection of bright, electronic music with strong beats and clear themes. Multi-layered tuneful phrases, string sounds and burbling/twinkling sequencer patterns form the backbone of Solar Camel's sound on this release. The chosen sound palette is one of clean, traditional synthesis, voice loops and pianos. Drum beats are primarily composed of programmed grooves built around real drum sounds, yet digital hits and ethnic percussion elements also are employed broadening the mix. On the title track, male and female voices with distinct European accents sing/speak in a style reminiscent of Kraftwerk, in other places strongly effected vocal strains act in a more instrumental manner.

Train in a Rainbow has an upbeat sound that brings together elements of measured Berlin synth music, new age optimism and the clarity of eighties synth-pop. In places there are dramatic passages with stirring pace and processional grandeur. Other tracks take a more relaxed approach often with the trademark restraint typical of European synth-pop.

The album arrives in a jewelcase with single sheet insert. The front cover image features a colourful graphic locomotive apparently travelling along a twisting rainbow. This same image is repeated on the rear cover only here it is faded away into ghostly pallor with track titles overlaid. At the foot of this back panel can be found website details and an email contact address.

The Solar Camel project consists of Italian Agostino Mascarello on digital piano/synth/vocals and Brazilian born Déia on vocals/arrangements. Currently the duo is based in the south of France - the project takes its name from Agostino's surname in anagram form. There is a second project that goes by the name of Polar Camel focusing more on pop/classical sounds. If you'd like to hear what is on offer, why not check out the Solar Camel Myspace page or alternately their CD Baby page where tracks can be previewed and purchased individually or as an album on CD. Solar Camel acknowledges the influence of such major acts as Jean-Michel Jarre, Ennio Morricone and Vangelis.

Train in a Rainbow is an album for lovers of synthesiser music with a new-age pop sensibility. Working a similar territory to Zer0 0ne, Vitaly and Mythos - this music might well be appreciatd by listeners enjoying gently energetic material.


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