Friday, 13 November 2009


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Global electronic chillout instrumentals with occasional female vocals. The tracks here are a mixture of instrumental and vocal arrangements. Smooth synth strains and atmospheric pads drift across deftly constructed airy beats that feature some smooth drum and bass patterns as well as languid downtempo dance grooves. Organ patterns, sax meanderings and electric guitar phrases provide thematic content on a number of tracks whilst soft feminine phrases waft on the breeze creating a tranquil lounge feel. In other places international instrumentation creates a more distant exoticism oriental gamelan underpinning Indian violin work or Chinese erhu and hand drumming alternating with rich synthetic chimes. A somewhat higher tempo and bass throb accompany sensuous spoken words of the club oriented Je Danse, however, for the most part the beats are restful and deeply chilled sometimes even giving way to the night time ambience of crickets.

The mood here is mostly one of Mediterranean sunshine chill although Indian and oriental elements tug the mind further eastward at times. There is a pervasive relaxed dreaminess that calls to mind warm shores and fresh air, Terra Del Sol eminently true to the title. The Terra Del Sol title tracks fuses some tribal percussion and dance beats introduced by a montage of African choruses and solo vocals.

The promotional package that I have includes front cover artwork built primarily around the Terra Del Sol title itself. Below the blocked font a tangled procession of tinted aquatic forms rolls in pastel hues, curling tentacles entwined. On the reverse is a tracklist running down the right with associated timings for each piece, writing credits listed below. On the left half are three small photographs of the artists footed by details of their contributions to the project.

Terra Del Sol is the music of musician and label manager Alberto Hauss on keyboards and Spanish guitar and Christophe Garnerone providing percussion and harmonica. The Essential Chill Collection features the vocal talents of Maria Sanchez and Lalu. This current release is delivered via the UK's Tantajo Records, label subsidiary of German based Tantajo Studios, known for its ambient, downbeat and lounge output. This is a quality album of intense chillout music that would work well as a blissed out backdrop to that perfect evening or equally, Terra Del Sol provide sufficient detail and melody to reward headphone experience.

This album seems most ideally suited to fans of balearic chill. If you enjoyed Alberto Hausse's La Tienda Mediterranean Ambiance then this will be right up your street. Cafe Del Mar lovers will likely enjoy the vibe here too.


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