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Ambient synthetic instrumentals with jazzy influences. Life - Unfolding is a suite of six compositions that flow together into a unified whole. Spacey synths are central to the sound of this album - smooth, silken layers of tone that are used to establish an expanse, to suggest gentle undulating motion, to build entrancing harmonious drone beds and shifting sound clouds. Passages of beatless, floatation are set amongst sections of lazy, peaceful beats. Strongly effected lead guitar at times provides dreamy chord forms embellished by lustrous chimes such as Concealing Brightness. Air and Water Laps, on the other hand finds a far more dynamic lead style driving over a burbling synth sequence that seems to build almost imperceptibly from the atmosphere. In these more active moments Yves' appreciation of 70's prog rock can be noticed among the jazz based structures. The artist's own promotional material explains: "With intensive use of synths (and no samples or loops, except for the percussions which are sampled instruments), the jazz elements of this music are to be found in the harmonics and chords used, and the way guitar improvisations are played."!

Life - Unfolding is a very restful album - whether drifting weightlessly on airy electronic wafts and currents or flowing with the greater urgency of the rhythmic portions of the music, the emphasis is primarily one of pleasant tranquillity. The music also has something of a sense of wonder - often a dreamy, natural optimism. There is a constant warmth that runs throughout the album imbuing the pieces with a glowing serenity that nicely enhances the relaxing nature of the harmonies.

The cover art to Life - Unfolding is a rather beautiful artificial landscape. Here a craggy mound juts out into a still body of deep blue water burnished with subtle ripples. The eye is drawn among the stark forms of the rocks to an elegant purple leaved tree at the crest of the crag. This unusual life form is lit by a bright shaft of sunlight that sets the clouds into chiaroscuro and bathes the central portion of the scene with a radiant glow. Complementary text picks up the hue of the foliage completing the prime design.

Jazz is the work of Yves Potin a lover of progressive rock in the 1970s and later a great fan of jazz and jazz fusion. Yves is an accomplished jazz guitar player, having played since his childhood. He has also enjoyed working with computer based music since the early days of the Atari ST. Jazz presents albums for free download via the artist's website, where currently you can discover six releases dating back to the debut album of 2006. Life - Unfolding sees the artists exploring a more deeply ambient soundscape than previously, wherein deft guitar improvisations play in concrete juxtaposition. The six pieces here owe a debt of inspiration to ambient master Thom Brennan that can be noted in the delicate softness of the multi-layered pads and drones.

Life - Unfolding is an album that straddles spacey ambient and jazz guitar genres, with a somewhat new-age relaxational vibe to it. This is music for listeners that enjoy the warm softness of layered synth drones with the additional interest value of electric guitar improvisation. Why not visit the official website and listen to the samples at .


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