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Warm, inviting new-age electronica with strong emphasis on melody and thematic development. Many compositions here, such as Sailing and Solemnis are formed around carefully constructed lead lines where the melodic arrangements take centre stage, whereas tracks like Hunting, for example, are more rhythmic at heart, allowing layered phrases and sequencial patterns to drive the music.With percussive content often to the fore, Train in a Rainbow sees each track unfold to a different programmed beat, most of which are bright, lively synthetic affairs of mid to uptempo pace. Sometimes, as with The Lake, grooves are accompanied by percolating arpeggios, other pieces feature fusion rhythms with ethnic percussion.

Train In A Rainbow has a positive, light mood for the most part, combining the warmth and overt passion of new-age music with the electronic mechanism of much Berlin school electronica. There are some dramatic pieces with orchestral or string sections, whilst at the other end of the spectrum there are some dance tracks with something of an 80s synth pop feel. The liquid clarity of the sonic palette and the uncluttered nature of the arrangements give the album a rather high-tech sound with a peaceful, lucid quality.

The updated album arrives in a jewelcase with single sheet insert. The front cover image features a colourful graphic locomotive apparently travelling along a twisting rainbow. This same image is repeated on the rear cover only here it is faded away into ghostly pallor with track titles overlaid. At the foot of this back panel can be found website details and an email contact address.

Agostino Mascarello's solo project Solar Camel released the Train in a Rainbow album (previously reviewed at Morpheus Music) in 2009. The disc has since been given an overhaul with attention paid to providing a more consistent track list focussing on electronic sounds. The classical side of Agostino's personality can be experienced through the Roots and Wings album also reviewed recently at Morpheus. Once again Agostino's digital piano/synth/vocals are accompanied by the voice of Brazilian born Déia. The new disc consists of no less than eighteen tracks and can be found at CD Baby or alternately you can sample some tracks and keep up with new developments at the Solar Camel Myspace page.

Train in a Rainbow is an album for lovers of synthesiser music with a new-age pop sensibility. Working a similar territory to Zer0 0ne, Vitaly and Mythos - this music might well be appreciatd by listeners enjoying gently energetic modern sounds with electro-groove beats. If you're wondering whether this is one for you - why not sample each of the tracks at CD Baby?


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