Monday, 29 June 2009

Audiobulb Sampler

The latest release from UK's Sheffield based Audiobulb label ABS01 is a free sampler showcasing tracks from the label's catalogue.
Mixed by David Newman of Autistici fame, the album is free to download and contains eight tracks of exploratory electronic music.

The complete tracklist is as follows :

01. Jimmy Behan- Through The Trees

02. Biosphere- Tranoy Lighthouse

03. Ultre- Peace Corpse

04. Craque- Navfrakure

05. NQ- And On Some Other Night

06. Mark Harris - Last Days

07. Hans van Eck- Rivers

08. He Can Jog- Suite Part 1 & 2

The release page is here:

An accompanying Press Release is here:

Audiobulb Records
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