Saturday, 6 June 2009

Maps and Diagrams

Maps and Diagrams *Foel EP rereleased in ditial format.
Reviewed at Morpheus here:

Ambient haze and soft focus soundscaping. These four tracks are all beatless zones of rich ambient depth. Very immersive music - these compositions have a great deal of detail. Faint fuzz and light crackle spot the air acting something like aural grunge, a sonic fog - the kind where you are conscious of the individual drops within the cloud mass. Synthetic drones ebb and flow, at times almost forming a melodic heave; tonal motes flicker almost at the edge of perception and distant, muted, subtle phrases slowly drift as if weighed down by time and dust. Percussive disturbances and shiftings periodically arise among other noises; broken static, sonorous clicks, flecks and ringing sounds. estersunnd sees some acoustic guitar sounds sprinkle into the mix - delicate and clear in comparison to the relative blur of the backdrop. The texturing is quite beautiful in places, enhancing the ponderous harmonic forms and building a strongly three dimensional impression.


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