Friday, 8 August 2008

Carbon Based Lifeforms on The Future of Electronic Music

We asked Carbon Based Lifeforms:

What do you think the future holds for electronic music?

One thing that already happened and will grow is collaborations via the internet. Take H.U.V.A. Network for example, Vince in France and Magnus in Sweden using the internet to write an album together. Also the distribution of music is changing. One could be his own label and use internet shops for selling and forums for promotion.

What developments are you looking forward to?

More synths like Access Virus TI. Hardware seamless integrated in the software. A hardware synth with only one connector, like firewire.
Laptops are getting so powerful that its now quite possible to write music on the fly wherever you are, and with all the new powerful softsynths and possible more portable synths there's some quite interesting possibilities.

Why do you think electronic ambient music has become so popular?

I recently introduced a female Drum n Bass-DJ to ambient and her response was nothing but positive. She said something like: "In every track there's a whole new world of dreams to explore". And I think that is the key, being able to listen and drift away for a while without having to dance or nothing. Good trips without drugs if you will.


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