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MusicZeit is a new music download solution that aims to deliver both a better value on-line music purchasing experience as well as a bespoke self managed virtual store for artists & labels.

The former is achieved by concentrating on the quality of the audio with lossless FLAC files & high quality MP3’s in combination with high resolution downloadable artwork. Your purchased, downloaded music can thus be turned into a pro-quality physical product.

The latter allows artists & labels to run their own music download store. Free from any corporate branding you can upload your music / text / photos whenever you want. With our easy to use product / artist management systems you can feel connected to your on-line content knowing you can provide your customers with an unrivalled level of service & quality.

Listed below are some of the main benefits of the MusicZeit Download Platform.

For customers
Download / Burn / Print - have the album on your shelf, not just your hard drive
CD quality lossless downloads (FLAC), or
High quality MP3 (256K)
DRM free
High quality, printable artwork
Simple to navigate / search site
No adverts or other irrelevant clutter
Better than industry standard price / quality ratio
Easy to use "My Purchases" management
Lots of exclusive music
All legal with artists / labels getting paid

For labels / artists
The Download Platform with Extra Bandwidth
Create & manage your own download store with real time sales stats
High quality, DRM free, MP3 (256K) & CD quality lossless downloads (FLAC)
Edit your own 60 second preview samples, text & logos
Give your customers high quality, printable artwork
Link customers directly to your own store which you can choose to be branded or
unbranded with the Music Zeit logo
Upload your files via FTP so you can control when you release your music
Choose your own prices (subject to recommended minimums)
Price your music in UK Pounds, Euros or US Dollars
You are paid 50% of selling price after deduction of relevant fees/taxes
All legal site reporting sales to MCPS

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