Friday, 8 August 2008

Matt (ISHQ) Hillier's take on the future of ambient music.

We asked Ishq musician Matt Hillier:

What do you think the future holds for ambient music?

Ambient is a blurred term, always was ...

Music of the invisible and indivisible.


Pure math

Geometric shape meets sound

Self same self similiar

The fractal like nature of human perception means repetition is ultimately not the nature of life but a cyclic point in space so rigid patterns of 4 will be replaced over time by complex multiples of this, 5 being the next progression maybe.
Universal is Fractal and Life spiral like - music will begin to be more and more fractal and dna like, evolving progressions and non cyclic and more linear in structure, worlds within worlds.
Miraculous music will appear over time, able to move the human being beyond their own sense of time and space and replace drugs and also able to initate humans into a higher level of being in large groups and act as a conduit for Evolutionary Forces and the guiding force of Love. Sound will manifest the future as sound was 'in the beginning '.

The future ambient music will be more and more about works of beauty and love and more and more about people co-creating with Genesis in mind and motivated by this Force.

Hope that makes sense, for me its an act of service and I believe music is the force which evolves matter or one and the missing link in some sense.
Fractal and non rigid formless music is where I feel the future lies, the future lies in creating truly Magic music which has a magical effect on the listener and this required Invocation and the ability to connect with and also act as a conduit for forces outside ourself to a degree and also believe in the power of sound. This is where the future lies.Anything else is history .Style is frozen in time and tradition and for me tedious when there is so much left to be invented. Timeless styless music is the future.

Love is universal, music which reflects this Eternal Love will transcend time and is the future music .



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