Friday, 22 August 2008

Sleepy Town Manufacture Downloads.

We found this post at the Sleepy Town Manufacture Myspace page:

9 years says...
It's 9 years to stm and we would like to let you listen all of our music for free. We just thought - why not, and uploaded every stm released and unreleased album, lives and mixes to ftp. but we have no time to make it look good, so it's just ftp, without passwords, though with zip archives and some notes. enjoy. I will try to keep it updated

Also, there will be new stm ep soon enough, on monotonik netlabel.
It's a four track ep, two from 2007 summer, they were recorded when I was in montenegro, very inspiring; and the other two are really new, though they sound like stm old ones :) some nice reminders.


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